Best Inventory vision

Inventories should not be performed only for accountants

Best Inventory Accuracy Bernard Grua
Best Inventory Vision

Accurate inventory brings value

Best Inventory considers and strongly believes that besides legal or accounting compulsions, proper physical inventory can become a powerful management tool to bring value to the enterprise

Accurate inventory brings cash flow

Most organizations which decide, with Best Inventory, to focus on this process found spectacular benefits in improving accuracy of inventory on hand, optimizing automatic replenishment to serve customer demand timely and incresing sales trun-over, monitoring mark-down, as well as maximizing stock rotation and thus bringing additionnal cash flow for the busines.

Accurate inventory prevents shrinkage

Actual dicrease of pieces missing after three inventories

All these organizations took large advantages from Best Inventory recommendations issued from its work on the field and from its permanent researches for discrepancy explanations.

Accurate inventory secures the supply-chain

Thanks to these recommendations, they could secure and improve their supply-chain from the bottom until the top of it.

Other Best inventory elements of presentation

– Best Inventory Mission
– Best Inventory commitment
– Serving worldwide the most demanding clients

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